Tekhne, LLC is an international Information Technology firm. We specialize in Small-Medium Business solutions but we certainly don't stop there. We design and develop both simple and complex solutions for all industries and companies of all sizes. Our partnerships with companies like Cisco, Intel, IBM, Lenovo, HP, and Microsoft give us access to more than 250,000 products and technologies. Our technicians across the globe train with these companies and are available to rise to your every need.

Our mission is to provide best of class services and products while reducing total cost of ownership, to help our clients manage their world.


Our mission stems from the idea that every entity, person or business, operates within their own “world.” As a professional in a particular field, you are exposed to so much that many others will never see or experience. This becomes the “world” in which you operate.

Our business is to provide you with the technology solutions you need to help manage that world. We see technology as something that can be shaped to our clients’ needs, and stay true to the view of working with technology as a craft.

We know how daunting it can be to find the right solution, with so many options out there today. There is rarely a single solution to fill all needs. At Tekhne, we provide the best and most cost effective solutions based on your needs, drawing from currently available products as well as creating solutions as required.

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